A comprehensive C# API wrapper library for accessing, using XML or JSON to read/write.

Important SSLv3/POODLE

To correct the error "Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel", update to at least version 1.1.5400.37999 either through the downloads or (recommended) through nuget. I HIGHLY recommend using nuget as I release changes through there very often. For more information, see the Chargify blog post "Dropping support for SSLv3 - may cause API connection problems". A list of the likely breaking changes that might affect you are listed here: Latest Breaking Changes. Also, if you're still having trouble - make sure you're specifically setting ChargifyConnect.ProtocolType to SecurityProtocolType.Tls | SecurityProtocolType.Tls11 | SecurityProtocolType.Tls12 (if possible, to handle fall back to lower TLS). If using .NET 4 or under, just set it to SecurityProtocolType.Tls.


A sample ASP.NET website is available at which demonstrates the following features:
  • Subscription (Paid and Freemium) via API or hosted Chargify pages, including coupons.
  • Support for "One-time" charges, credits and refunds
  • Account migration or change between products
  • Metered and quantity based component charges
  • Account information management
  • Hosted page URL generation (pretty and regular)
  • ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 data built into the library for easy use with country select controls
  • Transaction lists and filtering
  • Statements (including PDF linking)
  • Billing Portal Management API
Windows Azure - I've recently added support for Windows Azure apps, just inherit from ChargifyPage and enter the important keys into your role configuration. Neat!
NOTE: If there are any issues with the sample website, please feel free to post them on the Issue Tracker on this project site, and I'll make sure they get fixed.
Also, a sample ASP.NET MVC sample is currently being worked on, and will be available at some point. Also, if there is any interest in a Silverlight/Windows Phone solution - let me know.

Get Started!

New to Chargify.NET? New to Chargify?
Looking for a DNS managing service? I use DNSimple, and it's super easy. (They are Chargify users as well!)

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